Family Law & Inheritance

Legal Twelve boasts an integrated and multidisciplinary team capable of following the personal and property relationships between the spouses, the establishment of funds and destination restrictions pursuant to article 2645 ter of the Italian civil code, the legal discipline of filiation and the planning of generational changes.

In particular, the Firm has gained significant experience in the field of successions and the drafting of hereditary wills and divisions and in those of generational change in governance and in the ownership of the enterprise, the protection of family assets, family agreements, successor/family trust, rearrangement of ownership.

The experience of the professionals, the technical in-depth study and the interdisciplinary vision allow cutting-edge, effective and innovative legal solutions to be identified that are always targeted, in compliance with sector regulations, to understand the client’s needs, in order to design “tailor-made” structures able to reflect the objectives and family values.

Legal Twelve also provides assistance in litigation, both in specific succession matters and with particular reference to appeals of wills and trusts, actions for reduction and restitution, and in family matters and with reference to consensual or judicial separations and divorces, as well as in the voluntary jurisdiction regarding the protection of minors and incapacitated persons in general.