Labour & Safety Law

Legal Twelve has a consolidated experience in consulting and extrajudicial and judicial assistance in the field of labour law and safety at work, mainly carried out for employers.

The firm guarantees its clients complete support in the definition of the appropriate employment relationship, its establishment, management, termination, and any litigation, including those necessary in the context of company crises.

Regarding the management of employment relationships, the firm assists clients in:

  • negotiations relating to the establishment of relationships and subsequent amendments, including changes of job, changeover to part-time or full-time, change to different types (such as Smart working), frameworks and levels, added pacts, such as detachments, non-competition, stability, secrecy pacts, pacts relating to intellectual property, powers of attorney and proxies, including safety;
  •  staff retraining;
  •  disciplinary procedures;
  •  conciliations;
  •  litigations;
  •  arbitrators;
  •  investigations and complaints.

The casuistry followed by the firm concerning the dispute stages of the relationship, therefore disputes and conflicts are significantly broad, and include:

  •  absenteeism or low productivity;
  •  damage;
  •  embezzlement scams, theft;
  •  misuse of permits under Law 104/92;
  •  harassment;
  •  discrimination;
  •  bullying, bossing and the like;
  •  demotion;
  •  industrial espionage and corporate data appropriation;
  •  violation of the provisions on the use of IT tools;
  •  breaches of occupational safety rules and regulations;
  •  staff cancellations and diversion of clients.

The firm also assists clients in:

  •  the preparation of Company Policies and Disciplinary Codes;
  •  the definition of guarantee positions in the field of safety, in the drafting of proxies, in the preparation of organisational models pursuant to Legislative Decree. 231/01;
  •  collective redundancy procedures, CIGO, CIGS and solidarity contracts;
  •  corporate restructuring, divestments, leases, mergers, spin-offs;
  •  matters relating to the applicable national collective agreements;
  •  union disputes;
  •  in issues relating to personnel management in tender contracts (establishment, takeover, termination) and in the definition, negotiation and management of tender contracts and in relation to issues relating to the joint and several liability of the client (e.g. pursuant to art. 29 of Legislative Decree no. 276/2003) or an appeal against contracts not considered to be genuine;
  •  for the protection of corporate intellectual property (including the design and management of data enhancement, protection and processing systems, know-how, registration of distinctive signs and patents, protection of copyright and rights on works of art, engineering, co-design, supply and subcontracting contracts).