Privacy & It Compliance

Legal Twelve has gained consolidated experience in the field of data protection and Information Technology.

The firm offers comprehensive advisory support, both in the prevention of legal violations, in the context of legal audits, or in the process of investigation or in relation to the management of litigation, whether in the conduct of the defensive mandate in administrative or criminal processes and in civil cases.

Legal Twelve advises on the protection of personal data as regulated by Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR) and the remaining rules in force, including those concerning the processing of personal data in the context of marketing and e-commerce.

The firm deals with legal audits aimed at verifying IT Compliance, consulting in the design of the system of data collection, organisation and storage, i.e. the tools and processes that ensure compliance with the regulations protecting the integrity of data and the conditions of collection, storage and use, with particular regard to the protection of their value.  The firm is also responsible for assisting the Client in the preparation of company policy related to the acquisition, management and retention of data, as well as policies or disciplinary matters concerning the use of processing or storage tools or Company Regulations for disciplinary purposes addressed to employees and collaborators.

The firm, by way of its partners, also performs the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Legal Twelve has also gained experience in the management of litigation related to the protection of personal data and in general the security of data processed by companies.