The arts sector, due to its peculiarity, requires that the rights of those who work in it are safeguarded through the correct and effective use of the legal instruments that regulate the laws concerning material and intellectual art works and protect the trust of third parties in the authenticity of the works themselves.

Legal Twelve has gained significant experience in providing specific professional support to operators in the art market.

Legal Twelve offers advice and assistance in the field of:

  • IP (intellectual property) and protection of copyright and intellectual property rights in the art sectors (music, cinema, publishing, printing, television, radio, fashion, theatre, painting, sculpture, photography);
  • distribution contracts, contracts for economic use, advertising, synchronization, management contracts, sponsorship, artistic consultancy contracts, name and image protection, fashion and design;
  • employment contracts in the entertainment, theatre and cinema sectors;
  • protection and enhancement of cultural heritage;
  • circulation and market of ancient and contemporary art;
  • contracts for the sale, storage, transport and insurance of works of art;
  • loan, exhibition of cultural assets, membership and donations contracts, contracts for exhibitions and performances;
  • asset restoration contracts;
  • loan contracts for the use of works;
  • protection of collections and artistic foundations;
  • protection of cultural brands;
  • contracts with publishers and/or art curators;
  • sponsorship contracts;
  • exhibition organization and set-up contracts;
  • contracts with collectors and artists;
  • service or financing contracts in the cinema or theatre or cultural events’ sector in general (including subscription rights’ contracts, fund raising and the product placement).