Legal Twelve has many years of experience in the automotive sector, in which it has assisted and continues to assist several companies operating in the EU, national and international markets.

For many years the firm has been accompanying its automotive clients in the ordinary and extraordinary management of their business, and in the solution and planning of organisational requirements and development, becoming a trusted partner for ordinary, planning and development activities, i.e. providing the company with assistance for:

  • internal staff training regarding the protection of company know-how, types of contracts related to research and development (R&D), types of contracts related to the production and acquisition of raw materials and components, types of contracts and tools generally related to quality control, types of contracts related to the assignment or acquisition of project or executive phases, types of contracts related to marketing and/or promotion, the management of the market against the rights of users, consumers, public trust and the right to fair competition;
  • the preparation of contracts and the management of negotiations;
  • the prevention and management of disputes, also with reference to any class actions or similar, recall campaigns or assessment campaigns.

The firm has gained particular experience in:

  • engineering, co-design, technology and know-how licensing contracts;
  • contracts with employees governing the obligations of secrecy and/or the transfer of rights to exploit inventions;
  • purchase contracts and general purchase conditions;
  • supply contracts and sub-contracts;
  • procurement contracts;
  • sales contracts and general conditions of sale, also online;
  • agency contracts, distribution contracts or sales concession contracts;
  • contracts with assistance centres;
  • integrated logistics contracts, transport and shipping contracts;
  • licensing agreements and merchandising;
  • non disclosure agreements (NDA);
  • letters of intent (LOI) or gentlemen’s agreement;
  • so-called “first implementation” contracts.

Legal Twelve assists the client in the preparation of contracts regarding guarantees or indemnities, as well as actions of recourse and any recall, recall campaign or similar, including the legal instruments necessary to deal with such matters.

The firm assists Italian and foreign companies in setting up companies in Italy and abroad, opening representative offices, branches, acquisition/disposal of equity investments, setting up joint ventures, acquiring and leasing companies and branches.

Legal Twelve guarantees assistance in litigation, both judicial and in arbitration, in Italy and abroad.