The energy market is constantly evolving and so is the production of energy, both from traditional and renewable sources; the discipline that regulates it is, as a consequence, articulated and constantly evolving.

Legal Twelve has gained experience in various areas of the sector (such as the construction and management of plants for the production of clean energy, in particular from biomass) and is able to provide assistance with a multidisciplinary approach.

Legal Twelve deals with the following activities, among others:

  • drafting and negotiating contracts for the construction of plant, facilities and equipment;
  • drafting and negotiation of project finance;
  • O&M – Operation & Maintenance contracts;
  • Management Services contracts;
  • contracts for the sale of energy and green certificates;
  • advice on white certificates (TEE), ecobonus and thermal account;
  • due diligencelegal authorisations, permits and clearances for renewable electricity generation plant projects.