Environmental guidelines are an almost constant component of the problems inherent in the activities on which Legal Twelve is called upon to intervene.

Legal Twelve advises and assists companies that make ecological products and services their business, as well as enterprises that pursue the environmental sustainability of their production and services.

The firm also assists clients in compliance with environmental protection and public health standards:

  • advising on the design of management systems and internal function delegations, as well as on the implementation of organisational models for the prevention of administrative liability of entities pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • advising and assisting in Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA), Single Environmental Authorisation (AUA), Environmental Impact Assessment (VIA) or similar procedures;
  • advising on environmental damage and assisting the client in remediation or safety procedures, including in the context of conferences of services and/or proceedings relating to Sites of National Interest;
  • assisting clients in inspections, dispute procedures or criminal investigation proceedings,
  • dealing with regulatory compliance audits and due diligence;
  • dealing with the defence in court.

The areas most often dealt with by the firm are those of packaging, ceramics, fuels, emissions (air, water, industrial waste, waste, including rights and dispositions), delivery for processing (e.g. food wastes or wooden or agricultural products or by-products), sewage, products used in construction and ceramics industry, non-hazardous waste, waste and materials generally used for green building or fuel production (e.g. biogas) or renewable energy in general.