Food & Drink

Legal Twelve has gained experience in the Food & Drink sector, assisting several companies operating in this market, both nationally and internationally (especially for the production and marketing of wine and derivatives).

The services offered by the firm mainly concern consultancy and assistance:

  • in business contracts (including supply and subsupply contracts, sales contracts, including on-line, agency, transport and integrated logistics, technology and know-how licensing, warehousing and appraisal contracts, licensing, franchising, merchandising);
  • in employment contracts;
  • in packaging and labelling, marking declarations and other mandatory legal requirements, CE certification, process and product quality certifications;
  • on compliance with hygiene and phyto-sanitary standards;
  • on environmental sustainability, treatment of waste products and by-products, delivery, disposal, reuse in different production cycles;
  • on waste treatment, delivery, disposal, recycling;
  • on food disputes;
  • in disputes relating to the sale of food plant and equipment;
  • in IP (intellectual property) matters, including registration, monitoring and protection of trademarks, domain names and patents.