Information Technology

Legal Twelve has gained consolidated experience in the Information Technology sector, assisting several companies operating in this market.

The services offered by the Firm mainly concern both the stipulation and dispute phases:

  • software development contracts;
  • contracts for the sale of software and hardware;
  • software licence agreements;
  • software maintenance contracts;
  • contracts for the implementation of information systems and business processes for the re-engineering of companies;
  • assistance contracts;
  • contracts or conditions of sales online;
  • blockchain and smart contracts.

The firm also provides consultancy and assistance in the field of:

  • computer systems security;
  • violation of computer systems and crimes related to the unlawful processing of data;
  • cloud services;
  • e-commerce;
  • information for the processing of data;
  • copyright protection;
  • domain names, including in proceedings before Italian, foreign or supranational administrative authorities.