Legal Twelve has acquired many years of experience in assisting companies in the internationalisation process.

The firm adheres to various international networks of lawyers and maintains relations with foreign lawyers, in order to respond in a timely and in-depth manner to the most complex needs of Italian companies that turn to foreign markets, providing assistance in litigation abroad, both judicial and arbitral, and remaining the sole interlocutor for the Client as well as for cases brought or undergone before foreign judges or arbitrators.

Legal Twelve provides advice:

  • for the negotiation and drafting of contracts necessary in ordinary operations (such as: distribution, agency, business procurement contracts; supply contracts; tender contracts; sales contracts, including online and purchase contracts; co-design, engineering; franchising contracts; licensing contracts; business network contracts; service contracts; letters of credit; non-competition agreements; non disclosure agreements; letters of intent; term sheet),
  • in IP matters, i.e. intellectual property, including the registration, monitoring and protection of trademarks, domain names and patents;
  • on guarantees (sureties, autonomous guarantees, performance bonds, advance payment bonds, warranty bonds, bid bonds, letters of patronage, etc.);
  • in the field of transport, international shipping, Incoterms and customs requirements;
  • on credit insurance;
  • on financing;
  • on counterfeiting;
  • on employment relationships, including the secondment of staff abroad, disciplinary proceedings and litigation;
  • on participation in public tenders abroad;
  • debt collection abroad.

The firm assists Italian companies in M&A transactions and more generally in extraordinary operations abroad, such as:

  • incorporation of companies;
  • opening of representative offices, branches;
  • acquisition of equity investments;
  • acquisition of companies;
  • shareholders’ agreements with foreign partners;
  • contracts with foreign sponsors;
  • joint venture.

Legal Twelve also assists foreign companies for M&A acquisition transactions in Italy or for any other contractual and commercial relationship in Italy.