Legal Twelve has many years of experience in the logistics sector, having continuously assisted several companies operating in this market at national, EU and international level.

The firm accompanies its clients in the ordinary and extraordinary management of the business and has acquired significant knowledge of the needs of the logistics company and those who need logistics services.

The firm is a useful partner for ordinary, planning and development activities, providing companies with the necessary legal instruments for:

  • staff training and awareness raising interior, including through training courses, with regard to the most frequent issues and problems related to logistics (such as security, passive and active solidarity, applicable collective agreements, white lists and black lists);
  • the preparation of contracts and the management of negotiations;
  • the prevention and management of disputes as well as with reference to any inspections or claims arising from relations with clients or contractors or suppliers of all or part of the logistics services;

The firm has gained particular experience in:

  • tender and subcontracting contracts;
  • supply contracts and sub-contracts;
  • transport contracts and customs issues;
  • co-design and/or engineering contracts of solutions applied to logistics;
  • technology and know-how licensing agreements;
  • termination and takeover management;
  • management of litigation related to the execution of procurement contracts;
  • management of litigation related to the application of the national collective labour agreements;
  • advice on employment relationships, including secondment of staff abroad, disciplinary proceedings and litigation;
  • judicial and extra-judicial assistance concerning disputes over the lawfulness of the contract or the legitimacy of the national collective labour agreement applied, or otherwise concerning passive or active solidarity between the client/contractors and employees or members of cooperatives, with regard to salary and contribution/insurance positions and with regard to obligations/rights relating to workers’ safety.

Legal Twelve guarantees assistance in litigation, both judicial and in arbitration, in Italy and abroad.