Public Sector and Foundations

The management of the services by the Public authorities, either on its own or in trust to third parties (including through investee companies), has been significantly reformed in recent years.

Organising human resources, keeping abreast of requirements in terms of concessions, publicity, transparency, competition, anti-corruption, white list and black list, and generally managing the relationship with the private sector requires specific professional support.  Specific professional support is also provided for Foundations governed by private law owned by public bodies or operating through public funding.

Legal Twelve is able to assist Public Bodies, subsidiaries, STU – Società di Trasformazione Urbana (Urban Transformation Companies), Foundations and those who apply to render services to them.

Legal Twelve deals in particular with:

  • drafting of the articles of association and by-laws of the Foundations and/or Public Participation Companies and/or STUs, their updating and modification and advice in general on their operation;
  • issues concerning the selection or hiring of personnel, including through public procedures, in Foundations and/or Public Participation Companies and/or STUs and/or Public Bodies, including methods of using applied, controlled or seconded personnel;
  • advice on procurement and public service award procedures;
  • consulting on Service Conferences;
  • regulations on access to documents, transparency, anti-corruption, antitrust;
  • problems related to private clients (including means of donation and generational handover) and financing instruments.

Legal Twelve also provides assistance in litigation, both judicial and arbitral.