Legal Twelve has many years of experience in transport law in the field of rail, road and sea transport, both nationally and internationally.

Knowing the operation of the companies (both those that commission the transport, and the those that in various ways intervene in the service chain, such as insurers, shippers, carriers and terminal operators, drivers of NCC and NCC companies, taxi consortia), the firm has managed to become a valuable partner for ordinary, planning and development activities, providing the client with the legal tools necessary for:

  • internal staff training and awareness with regard to the most frequent issues and problems related to the service of transport of persons and the transport of goods, in the various forms provided by the chosen means of transport;
  • the preparation of contracts and the management of negotiations;
  • the prevention and management of disputes also with reference to any inspections or claims arising from relations with clients or suppliers of all or part of the transport services;
  • protection of the authorities, including administrative authorities, and protection in court, both arbitration, judicial administrative, civil and criminal.

The firm carries out training courses and is also involved in the traditional business activity of advice and assistance in contract negotiations and conflict management with business partners, as well as assistance with respect to reports of disputes or investigative or investigative acts issued by the Authorities responsible for controls.

The firm has gained special experience in the field of road freight transport, national and international, dealing with the preparation of related contracts (also in the form of standard contracts), and holding training courses at trade associations of its clients, with regard to disputes rooted in consistency of the regime of fork rates and then in the subsequent regulatory framework of the minimum costs pursuant to Legislative Decree 286/2005.

The firm is also dedicated to issues relating to the violation of the traffic laws and the passive solidarity of the client or the carrier in the face of sub-carrier failures; in addition, it has addressed specific problems of the transport of bulk (e.g. clay or sand) and of finished goods, under both the single client module and in the groupage module.

Legal Twelve also has experience in the field of transport of goods by rail and combined transport, it was in charge of setting up a special shipping company dedicated to this area, which then assisted in ordinary and extraordinary activities, and in particular in the needs related to obtaining authorisations, the availability of the infrastructure, contracts with ports of call, combined road/water transport and contracts with customers.

The firm has also been involved in the maritime transport of goods in various aspects, both for contracts with clients and for contracts with users, and with regard to personnel management. The firm also assisted the company in setting up a special maritime transport company, which it then followed in its ordinary and extraordinary activities.

Legal Twelve also provides advice and assistance to companies that carry out passenger transport activities, either in the context of collective transport (e.g. school, assistance or tourism), or as an on-call service in the context of rental with a driver (NCC) or in taxi services.

For each of the above-mentioned modes of freight transport, the firm was also able to take care of the antitrust aspects, assisting the companies before the Antitrust Authority or before the ordinary Judge.

Legal Twelve guarantees assistance in litigation, both judicial and in arbitration, in Italy and abroad.