Legal Twelve has joined several networks of lawyers and associations in order to increase its expertise and partnerships both in Italy and abroad, so as to ensure widespread assistance to its clients in every country of the world, with timely and thorough feedback from foreign law firms.

These relationships, together with decades of experience in the internationalisation of companies (both in terms of consulting, contracts and litigation), allow Legal Twelve to respond to the increasingly complex needs of companies that turn to foreign markets.

On the international side, the firm, through one or more of its partners, is registered with:
– the AIGLI – International Association of Italian Language Jurists
– the UIA – Union Internationale des Avocats;
– the AEA – International Lawyers Network which has members in all 193 countries of the United Nations, as well as in Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine;

In 2016 the firm, in the person of Marco Moretti, was named among the Italian Representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE.

In this way the firm is an accredited and qualified interlocutor for Italian companies wishing to invest in the United Arab Emirates

On the national side, the firm, through one or more of its partners, is registered with:
– the AGI – Association of Italian Employment Lawyers;
– the Giulio Bigi Criminal Chamber;
– the Civil Chamber of Reggio Emilia;
– the Trust Association in Italy

In the header, detail of the illustration entitledNautilusby Rafael Araujo, a Venezuelan architect who, even before creating The Golden Ratio: The Beautiful Language of Mathematics“, devoted himself for over forty years to freehand drawing nature’s figures, expression of the golden proportion. By applying the proportional model of the Golden Section to spirals, sequences and proportions existing in nature, Araujo provides an exemplary representation of the mathematical structure of creation and of the magic intrinsic to its perfection. The Golden Section or Proportion -a numerical ratio, equal to 1.618, also indicated by the Greek letter Phi (φ)- is taken as a reference in art and architecture, being a model of harmony, balance and perfection of forms, represented by the spiral of the Nautilus.